Edmond, Oklahoma City Voice Teacher




Danielle teaches at 16001 Evan Shaw Ct, Edmond, Ok 73013

Danielle has a few openings. If you are interested in lessons, email her at elleherrington@gmail.com.


Each voice is a unique instrument that requires exploration and discovery. By studying voice privately, a student has the ability to learn at his/her own pace in an individualized manner that seeks to strengthen the student as a musician, singer, and performer. I teach with a holistic approach, using science, anatomy, and metaphor. I also emphasize performing, a critical form of communication.

I teach technique through a streamlined pyramid visual of the vocal process: body alignment and breath management as the foundations for healthy production, followed by phonation, resonance, articulation, and artistry, in respective order. By establishing an understanding and awareness of how the body functions while singing, students train the mind, body, and emotions simultaneously. Also, students can expect to develop an appreciation for foreign languages and a consideration for poetry and its historical context. Other positive aspects of performing and singing include developing confidence, boosting self-esteem, and fostering self-motivation.

With the support of a mindful voice instructor, students have the ability to grow into effective performers through thorough preparation. Furthermore, they gain the understanding of what vocal health is and how to use it while singing. My goal is to promote vocalists that possess the ability to sing using skilled, healthy technique that can be employed in all genres of music. I am committed to elevating my students by challenging them to establish strong musicianship skills, exposing them to historically prevalent repertoire, and encouraging them to achieve their individual vocal potential through awareness and approach.    



When studying the piano privately, each student has the ability to grow and learn at his/her own pace in an individualized manner. Piano lessons train a student to think critically, use the body healthfully, and connect to his/her emotions at a deep level. Students develop the ability to read music, understand music theory, establish piano technique, communicate ideas, garner confidence through performance, and foster self-motivation. Through classical training, a student learns to be both a grounded musician and well-rounded person.

I hope to provide each student with the tools to play confidently and expand his/her life experiences with the gained knowledge of music and culture. My overall goal is to promote a foundation of solid technique that cultivates the desire to create music with true, artistic expression. I use the Faber and Faber method, along with Snell, Hal Leonard, and Alfred supplemental materials. With intermediate to advanced students, solo repertoire is selected from the standard piano canon.