Summer 2020 SESSION

June 2 - August 6
10 weeks

Package 1: 6 lessons

30min $225

45min $285

60min $350

Package 2: 9 lessons

30min $335

45min $425

60min $515


  • Lessons are on a session basis: Spring/Summer/Fall. To maintain a spot in my studio, you must register for lessons year round.

  • Scheduling is renewed each session. 

  • Contact Danielle at least 24 hours in advance if the student will be absent.

  • If a student does not show or cancels later than 24 hours in advance, the lesson fee is still applicable. (Emergencies will be understood.)

  • Refunds will not be issued. Please read the Make-Up Policy below carefully.

  • Additional expenses include the purchasing of necessary musical materials and books.

  • Make-Up Policy: Students can make up only two lessons during the semester. Make-ups will not occur during the regular session but will be announced on two specific dates. An email will be sent to you with information, and it is your responsibility to sign-up for a make-up. 

  • Danielle reserves the right to dismiss a student if any of the following situations persist after Danielle has notified the student and provided time to correct the problem: 

    • Lack of dependability and commitment exhibited in persistent absences.

    • The student consistently demonstrates a lack of willingness to participate during lesson time.

    • The student consistently fails to show diligence and determination in home practice.

    • Repeated failure to prepare assigned material.


STUDENTS: The responsibility for success lies heavily with you. In order to achieve success, you must be committed to learning. These are my expectations for each lesson:

Be prepared. Have your completed assignment from the prior week accomplished and your practice time sheet. I encourage daily practice of your materials. Remember, you are in charge of your progress. I can coach, encourage, and provide, but it is your responsibility to retain the information and put it into practice.

Bring all required materials: assigned music, notebook, and a pencil.

Approach each lesson with a positive, attentive attitude and a desire to learn.

PARENTS: Your main responsibility is providing support for your child’s music education. Which includes

Providing supplies and music books

          Practice area equipped with piano or keyboard (required) and metronome

Practice area free from distractions 

Interest in your child’s progress

Attendance at performances

INSTRUCTOR: My responsibility is to assess and provide a curriculum tailored to each particular student that promotes an optimal amount of development. I strive to present the information in a knowledgeable, passionate manner. Areas of learning that will be covered:

Pianist technique, Sight-reading, Theory, Ear training, Performance skills, Piano literature, Interpretation and Expression, Varied Musical Styles, Music History

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